designed to meet your needs

Zimmatic control panels let you select the options
which best fit your operation, whilst allowing easy upgrade as your irrigation and management needs change.

Advance Control

AIMS Advance Panel allows for precise, computerized control of irrigation and chemigation.
AIMS advance's user friendly panel lets you program pivot functions
(start / stop, forward / reverse,
wet / dry, percent / inches, endgun / on / off) to automatically match varying crop, soil and terrain conditions.

Basic Control

Zimmatic's AIMS basic panel is protected by a welded, all-weather enclosure which is both galvanized and painted. Its clean, safe design (U.L. and C.S.A. approved)
provides easy manual operation. Lighted indicators, plus an exclusive voltage monitoring circuit analyze electrical and alignment status at a glance. Standard features include low pressure shutdown and lightning protection. Options include:

  • Automatic shutdown

  • Automatic reverse

  • Automatic restart

  • Low temperature shutdown

  • System analyzer